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Seeds treatment machines and reasing elements


MTS-12 Tn

The MTS 26455 Lb. /hour is a seed treatment machine designed to treat and inoculate seeds quickly and without any mechanical loses. It has an adjustable dosage system of liquid and dry (optional) fungicides and inoculators that allows an exact dosage. It treats soybean, maize, bean, rice, wheat, barley and other seeds, giving homogeneity to inoculation mixture with maximum seed protection. It only requires minimum supervision and maintenance.

  1. Reception tray
    It has the appropriate dimensions to let the unload of hoppers and silos easily.
  2. Auger-type mixer blades
    There are two kinds of blades, the driving ones which receive the seed in the inlet tray, and the mixing ones which are in charged of taking the seeds through the pipe that treats them with the inoculators and releases them through the outlet.
  3. Inoculation tank
    In the inoculation tank there are the products to inoculate the seeds. It has an adjustable dosage system that enables an exact dosage.
  4. Interconnection hose
    It is an interconnection hose between the inoculation tank and the auger-type mixer.
  5. Pipes
    They are SAE 1.020 steel pipes to avoid erosion and oxidation.
  6. Flexible rubber
    This flexible rubber allows the free location of the outlet.
  7. Outlet
    Release of the already treated seed through the outlet.


The MTS 26455 Lb. /hour is a machine made of steel sheet and iron profiles together with plastic components, which make it a solid and compact piece of equipment. The treating process is done through mixing blades which assure an absolutely continuous and vibration-free operation and that according to their design assure the seed integrity. The machine is mounted on an angular profile chassis where there are the tank, the mixer and the whole equipment. It is structurally designed to withstand continuous use and move. The equipment is easily dismantled for whole cleaning.


The seeds enter the treatment through the inlet tray where they are taken by the driving blades that let them into the auger-type mixer. Once there, they are transported by the mixing blades to the outlet. During this process the seeds are treated with the fungicides and inoculators that come from the dosage system through the interconnection hose. This process enables the seed integrity.


  • After using; disconnect the machine from electric current.
  • Clean the inoculation tank.
  • For transportation axis cleaning unscrew the upper head screws and the bearing catch, once the head lid is out, unscrew the lubrication points of the inspection lids and the side screws. After that, take the complete axis out with all its plastic parts. It can also be opened a small compartment under the inlet tray that allows the partial or total emptying of what it is left.
  • Never leave chemical waste in the dosage container for a long time.
  • Use hands protection.
  • Lubricate the machine periodically.


Production per hour: 26455 lb
Height 78,74"
Lenght 261"
Width 63"
Electric Engine 4 HP
Weight (Lb.) 1322,76


  • Maximum seed protection.
  • Total use of fungicides.
  • Safe to operate.
  • Easy to clean.



Chimango style (CH) with Electric Engine (ME)

Chimango style (CH) with Electric Engine (ME) with Mixer (MZ)

Chimango style (CH) with Hydraulic Engine (MH)

Chimango style (CH) with Hydraulic Engine (MH) with Mixer (MZ)

Chimango style (CH) with Electric Engine and Hydraulic Engine (MEH)

Chimango style (CH) with Electric Engine and Hydraulic Engine (MEH) with Mixer (MZ)



It is the only machine that assures a minimum 900.000 bacteria per seed (said by inoculants manufacturers). It keeps the bacteria suspended until it is adhered to the seed. It is the only machine that thinks of Rhizobium welfare.