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Seeds treatment machines and reasing elements


MTS-10-80 Tn

High performance for professional use

The MTS- 10 a 80 Tn This machine offers the best option of treatment for soybean, corn, beans, wheat, rise, barley, etc. These machines have been designed so that the seed is treated and inoculated quickly, without mechanical losses. They have an automatic measuring system with a dispenser that spread fungicides and inoculators. It can also be possible to spread powder additives and micronutrients by an extra dispenser.



  • It has a variable frequency inverters for the waterwheel.
  • Its starting mechanism is gentle for the engine durability
  • Its intelligent control panel, with lights and alarms, prevents the incorrect use of the additive and its waist.
  • It has a temperature regulator of the liquid pumps.
  • If the liquid or the seeds aren´t enough, the machine with a sequential stop and works for a certain period.
  • It has a quantifier for the operating hours
  • With it seeds scale sensor in the transportation belt it is possible to know the volume.



These machines where manufacture to satisfy farmers and enterprises in the seeds business. We made machines with an easy handling but also strong for a better performance and efficient result in seeds treatment. This means to dress the seeds totally without excess additive so that it can be spare.



Low capacity: 0.5 to 10 Tons per hour

Average capacity: 0.5 to 20 Tons per hour

High capacity: 0.5 to 40 Tons per hour

Professional capacity: 0.5 to 80 Tons per hour



Machine with powder tank MTS-10 MTS-20 MTS-40 MTS-80
A-Lengh 2.800 mm 3.100 mm 4.050 mm 5.500 mm
B-Height 2.700 mm 2.820 mm 2.820 mm 3.000 mm
C-Wide 1.600 mm 1.800 mm 1.800 mm 2.000 mm


Machine without powder tank MTS-10 MTS-20 MTS-40 MTS-80
A-Lengh 2.800 mm 3.100 mm 4.050 mm 5.500 mm
B-Height 2.450 mm 2.600 mm 2.600 mm 2.600 mm
C-Wide 1.800 mm 1.800 mm 1.800 mm 2.000 mm




  • Main Body:
    In it the rotating drum mixed the seeds gently meanwhile they receive the additives.
  • Scale-Transportation belt:
    It receives the seeds by the elevator which empty out them in the hopper of the machine. It was design to measure the volume of seed processed per hour to regulate the production. Using this system you can measure the seeds volume and the proportion of additives you must use.
  • Conical hopper:
    Through it the machine receive the seeds, it has sensors to regulate the minimum and maximum quantities of seeds. If these sensors activate the machine stop. The flow entered the machine continuously meanwhile the additive is spread.
  • Treatment chamber:
    Once the seeds pass through the enter cone by gravity force they form an expanded crown. In the middle of the receiver cone is the additives electric spray system that create a cloud of the selected product, the seeds pass through this cloud, and receive the additive without excesses. The spray has 2 volume rotaries’ pumps (located in the mixture unit), thanks to it design and measure it make possible to adjust the exact dosage of additive. The plumps can be regulated from 10 RPM to almost 400 RPM, this assure an exact dosage supplied to the spray. The plumps are controlled by an extra display panel; there the frequency inverters are situated, they will have an easy access for cleaning and make easer to change the products if they aren´t compatibles.
  • Mixer rotating drum:
    After the treatment, the flow of seeds gets in the drum. The humid seeds, in the rotating drum, mixed themselves, obtaining a smooth dressing in all the seeds. This process take care the seeds. The drum is build with stainless steal AISI 304.
  • Powder dispenser (optional):
    In the main body there is a powder tank, it has an auger and shaking system that unload the product in the drum. The humid seeds receive the powder that sticks in the seed.



The high performance MTS for professional use can be completed with a silo, a bigger reception hopper and an elevator bucket. This unit could exit in bins, bags or trucks, making this process more efficient and with a bigger production.