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Seeds treatment machines and reasing elements



This unit offers a system to treat the seeds with an automatic measuring vessel for fungicides and inoculators. This dispenser was build so that it can be add to the chimango or auger to add the additives to the seeds in a uniform way.

Measuring vessel adjustment

To adjust the liquid volume in the measuring vessel, move up or down an internal rubber plug


  • Choose the products following the technical recommendations
  • Supply the hopper with 100kg of seeds.
  • Empty the grain tank completely, timing with a chronometer the process.
  • Put part of the additive into the measuring vessel
  • Remove the outlet end of the hose (which inoculators and fungicides pass through) and put this end into a measuring jug (supply with the machine) to know the exact volume in it.
  • Operate the machine for a time equivalent to the time needed for the 100 kg. seeds to pass through, in the previous stage.
  • When doing this, check that the quantity which has dropped into the jug is the same as the volume of the technical specifications recommends by the laboratory manufacturer of the product (this varies according to the seeds treated and the nature of the product).
  • Increase or reduce the size of the measuring vessels by means of a movable rubber regulator at the bottom of the vessel.
  • The process must be repeated as many times as necessary to adjust the volume recommended by the laboratory to the time required for the 100 kg. seeds pass through.
  • Once this adjustment has been done, you can work knowing that every 100 kg. seeds passing through the auger tube will receive the right proportion of additive, being the only precaution to be taken that the grain hopper is no empty nor the tank.


Test Initial volume in the tank Quantity supply by the measuring vessel (ml/min)
1 20 1550
2 15 1600
3 10 1600
4 5 1550
5 4 1550
6 3 1350
7 2 1300

The same test was also done with the greatest speed of 16 rpm. The results were:

Test Initial volume in the tank Quantity supply by the measuring vessel (ml/min)
1 20 2150
2 15 2150
3 10 2150
4 5 2100
5 4 2070
6 3 1850
7 2 1700

We advise to operate the machine with more than 3 liters to prevent variations. To have a visual control, the bottom of the tank is full (in V) and the product is at the level of the side walls of the tank.

The rates are subjects to be changed by the state and use of the battery charge.