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Seeds treatment machines and reasing elements



Use to add to rising elements o transports.

Available in 2 models:

  • With two tanks with mixing and measuring systems
  • Simple without mixing system

This machine must add the product in seeds passing through the raising element. The seeds must rotate and rub to make sure the proper distribution of the liquid in the seeds.

Additives Tank

In it there are the products to treat the seeds. It has tow exit, one is connected to a hose for the additive exit, and the other is the way back to the tank.

This machine has an adjustment lever to regulate the product outflow and the way back to the tank. When the lever is in the initial position, totally to the left, we don´t have outflow of the additive, it flow back to the tank. When the lever is in the final position, totally to the right, we have maximum outflow of the additive, no additive flow back to the tank. Adjusting the lever between this tow positions, we can regulate the product outflow, the excess flow back to the tank. In this way the product is permanently mixture.


We used water as product. This test was done with 30 l. of water in the tank. We measured the water supplied by the machine per 1 minute. We repeated this process 3 times for each volume of water and took the average.

We conducted a test on 09 of May. After a modification was made in the lever, to allow more accurate adjustment of variation. After this change was made another test on May 25.

Comparing the results in these tests:

Test Adjustment lever position Quantity supplies by the tank (l/min)
1 0 0.050
2 ¼ 2.350
3 ½ 9.200
4 ¾ 11.000
5 Max 11.800